Can keratosis pilaris be deadly?

Being that there’s not a lot of information on keratosis pilaris that’s commonly available to most people as there is about many other skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or acne, most people know very little about KP. It’s no wonder that it’s normally mistaken for several other skin conditions, as many parents, friends or others might tell someone “It’s just acne, use some acne medication and forget about it”.

We find this appalling, being that it’s been shown that about 40% of the entire population suffer from keratosis pilaris, and yet most people have never even heard of it! Furthermore, nearly 60% of all teens experience KP, as it is normally worse in people who are going through hormonal changes (such as puberty or pregnancy).

is kp dangerous

We’ve received a few emails (mainly from teens) wondering if KP can become deadly or life threatening. The simple answer is no. If you have keratosis pilaris, chances are that your symptoms will remain the same without treatment, they shouldn’t normally worsen or become as bad as those people who are featured in our extreme cases of KP section. These cases are very rare and are shown only to illustrate what severe cases of keratosis pilaris looks like for those who are curious about it.

Basically, don’t worry, if you do nothing about your symptoms and / or outbreaks they should stay at the same level that they presently are. However, with proper treatment,  you should see your KP actually disappear and completely clear up for good.

Recently, an all natural treatment for keratosis pilaris has been getting a lot of national media attention. Many people are attributing their being KP free to this new system, which uses commonly available ingredients that can be bought at any grocery store. You can learn more about it here.