About Keratosis Pilaris

In this section you’ll find information on keratosis pilaris. What it is, how it affects people, what options are available for treatment and more. This is intended to be a general primer on KP, and to help you better understand your symptoms and what exactly is going on in your body that causes those pesky red bumps.

Types of Keratosis Pilaris

Types of Keratosis Pilaris

When most people think about keratosis pilaris (of the people who actually know what KP is), they think about the little red bumps that are probably on their arms, their thighs and maybe their backs. While it’s true that KP can show up almost anywhere on your skin (lately there are more and more cases […]

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Keratois Pilaris from Gluten or Dairy

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A common question that we see from lots of people who have keratosis pilaris is “Can eating certain foods trigger my KP, cause an outbreak or make my KP worse?”. The answer yes and no…

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Keratosis pilaris and sun exposure

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There are many things can essentially “annoy” your keratosis pilaris (or more exactly, your skin) and cause you to either have more KP outbreaks and / or cause your KP symptoms to worsen. Among the most common are the cold, sweat and dry skin.

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Keratosis pilaris and pregnancy

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Even though it’s estimated that around forty percent of all people have keratosis pilaris, there are groups of people in which KP has shown to be most present and / or active. Among these groups are adolescent teens and pregnant women…

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Myths about keratosis pilaris

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The way that the internet is, it seems that no matter what the subject or topic is, there are always tons of myths, half truths and outright wrong answers to people’s questions on many forums and message boards…

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Common keratosis pilaris outbreaks

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Most commonly, keratosis pilaris shows up on people’s upper arms, although it can potentially break out anywhere on the body except for the balls of the feet and palms of the hands…

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Signs and Symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris

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Keratosis pilaris (or KP for short) is often mistaken for acne or various other common skin conditions such as rashes, blisters, etc. It’s for this reason that so many cases of KP are never even diagnosed, much less treated…

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What is Keratosis Pilaris?

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So, many of you may have a friend with keratosis pilaris (commonly known as ‘KP’), or maybe you’ve seen a recent episode of Dr. Drew or the Dr. Oz show and are wondering: What is keratosis pilaris?

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