Common keratosis pilaris on arms

Whether you have KP or are just curious about it, most people who do have skin condition experience it in the same areas of the body. The most common being the upper arms (both front and back). Other typical areas for keratosis pilaris outbreaks are the cheeks, thighs and buttocks.

In most cases of KP, the patient will get small goose bump like bumps on the skin, while the skin in the affected area with look red or slightly irritated.

keratosis pilaris on the arms A typical case of keratosis pilaris on the upper arms.

If you look closely at the skin, you’ll see that the little bumps themselves are actually red in most cases. This is due to the excess amount of keratin that’s being produced by the body. The extra keratin is what’s actually irritating the skin, and in most cases of KP get stuck or sort of “wrapped around” the hair follicles which is what’s producing the goose bump sized bumps on the affected area of the skin.


keratosis pilaris close up A close of a woman’s skin during a typical keratosis pilaris outbreak.

another case of kp on the arms

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