Keratosis pilaris and pregnancy

Even though it’s estimated that around forty percent of all people have keratosis pilaris, there are groups of people in which KP has shown to be most present and / or active. Among these groups are adolescent teens and pregnant women. It seems that the evil KP demon loves people who are going through hormonal changes in the body. While this has yet to be proven, there is a large body of research and work as well as a lot of evidence to back this theory up.

One group of people to complain of excessive keratosis pilaris out breaks and / or increased KP activity are pregnant women. While most long time KP sufferers tend to complain of mire problems with KP when they first become pregnant and throughout their pregnancy, there’s also a growing amount of women who have complained of their KP being normal or even better during there pregnancy, while having worse post natal KP outbreaks justĀ  after giving birth.

keratosis pilaris and pregnancy

Also, any changes in weight have been shown to effect KP and outbreaks. This is yet another reason that pregnancy and keratosis pilaris tend to go hand in hand. In other words, the weight gain or weight loss due to pregnancy seem to interfere and effect the frequency of your personal Kp experiences.

The quick answer is that your KP outbreaks and or symptoms should subside a bit once both your hormonal changes and weight loss or weight gain issues have regulated, once your body’s hormonal levels have stabilized. Yes, people who are shown to have a history of KP symptoms should expect those symptoms to worsen both during times of pregnancy (Whether pre or post natal) as well as during times of intense weight gain or weight loss, but once your body seems to overall regulate, you outbreaks and symptoms should return to normal.

Recently, an all natural treatment for keratosis pilaris has been getting a lot of national media attention. Many people are attributing their being KP free to this new system, which uses commonly available ingredients that can be bought at any grocery store. You can learn more about it here.