Keratosis Pilaris On The Chest

With an estimated 40% of the global population suffering from keratosis pilaris, many patients seeking treatments for their KP often complain about seeing keratosis pilaris outbreaks on their chest or breasts.

The reason that these patients are often much more aggravated with their KP and that their complaints are often times verbalized with a lot more urgency then the average person who has KP on their upper arms is because many KP outbreaks on the chest tend to lead to larger and much more pronounced “bumps”, more frequent discoloration of the skin as well as larger “splotchy” areas of red skin.

keratosis pilaris of the chest

Another reason for their increased sense of urgency is that keratosis pilaris on the chest can sometimes be accompanied by pain or irritation, more so then KP on the other more common locations like the legs, face or back.

Among all of the many areas of the body that keratosis pilaris can show up, there are far more reported cases of severe or extreme KP on the chest, back and the legs, respectively. The reason for this is still unknown to this day. While there are a lot of different theories and speculations as to why this is (from many doctors and other health care professionals), there is still no definitive proof to back these theories up.

The truth is, if you find a line of treatment that seems to help to improve your keratosis pilaris in general, there is a far greater chance that this treatment will clear up KP on the problem areas of the body (even if they are symptoms of severe or extreme keratosis pilaris).

Recently, an all natural treatment for keratosis pilaris has been getting a lot of national media attention. Many people are attributing their being KP free to this new system, which uses commonly available ingredients that can be bought at any grocery store. You can learn more about it here.