Types of Keratosis Pilaris

Since we’ve been getting a lot of emails with questions about the different types of KP like keratosis pilaris alba and keratosis pilaris rubra faceii, we’ve decided to open a new section to let you know the specific differences between the various types of KP.

Keratosis Seborrheic

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One of the more rare of the keratosis skin disorders is Keratosis Seborrheic, a condition that is quite often mistaken for many other skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis as well as some infectious skin conditions. It can be easy to spot this condition in patients, due to the noticeably typical large, raised wart like […]

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Keratosis Pilaris Atrophicans

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Keratosis pilaris atrophicans is a broad term that covers a group of the Atrophicans medical conditions associated with KP (namely atrophoderma vermiculatum, ulerythema ophryogenes, keratosis follicularis spinulosa decalvans and keratosis pilaris atrophicans faciei). To put it simply, all of these different skin conditions are basically lumped together and referred to as keratosis pilaris atrophicans for […]

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Keratosis Pilaris Alba

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With all of the different types of keratosis pilaris, many people (even those who have some form of KP) aren’t quite for sure what type they have, or what the differences really are among the many types of KP. There are many forms of keratosis pilaris, however the three most common types of KP are: […]

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