Man claims to have cured his Keratosis Pilaris by not eating

Rob Rhinehart, an online blogger, has some pretty out there claims. A little while ago on his blog he stated that he stopped eating food altogether, and what’s even more strange is that he claimed that., among numerous other health benefits, it cured his keratosis pilaris!

Rhinehart says that he was sick and tired of food producers and companies that don’t care about the health benefits (or lack of them), or the negative effects of eating their processed foods. He was also against the rise in food costs and thought that in this day and age, food may not be necessary. So what did he do about it? Well, he claims that he stopped eating food altogether.

He had an idea that involved putting together a substance that contained all of the recommended daily about of the body’s required vitamins and minerals. So he bought all of these individually in chemical form, crushed them down and mixed them together in all natural olive oil, with a pinch of salt of course. He calls this mixture “soylent”, and says that it doesn’t taste bad and is completely odorless as well.

After a few short days of only consuming his soylent mixture, he claims that he felt more energized and youthful. There were of course a few hiccups in his plan, however. After the first few days of consuming only his soylent, his heart was racing, a very dangerous side effect of not eating.

He figured out that when he was making his list of the body’s required vitamins and minerals, he completely forgot about iron, which is essential and highly important for the body to function healthily. After he noticed this, he immediately added iron to his soylent mixture. This should show you a clear example of just how important every single vitamin and mineral is to your health, and how dangerous trying something like this could be.

He claims that after just one week of only “eating” his mixture that his health improved in many different ways. To start with, he says that while before soylent he couldn’t run a single mile in his gym, but after that he was running three and a half miles per day. He goes on to say that his mental health has improved (he says that he has a much better attention span, overall attitude and heightened awareness), claiming that his rate of learning new things has dramatically improved.

He’s also lost over thirteen pounds and goes on to claim that he’s been completely cured of his keratosis pilaris (which he says was just after the ninth day of only consuming the soylent mixture). And one of his favorite things about his new plan is that he now only spends one hundred and fifty dollars a month on his new “food”. This has surely caught the attention of a few of the more “thrifty” health nuts out there. He has since posted his own personal recipe for his soylent mixture on his blog.

NOTE: We DO NOT recommend or advocate doing this in any way! Any significant small change in diet should only be considered after discussing it with your health care professional, let alone something as drastic as this.

Remember that Rhinehart’s own experiment nearly landed him in the hospital. Furthermore, this is just what one person is posting on their blog, there is absolutely no hard evidence or medically backed clinical trials to support his claims. Anything even half as drastic as this would have to be tested for several years on many different people in order to prove that there are any real benefits for different types of people.

For those of you that are curious about or interested in following his journey, you can follow it on his blog here:

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